CentOS PXE image requires deployed VMs to have more than 1GB RAM

Hi everyone,
I’ve noticed an issue where the CentOS VMs I deploy with Foreman seem to need 2GB of RAM or more. This seems to be due to something being downloaded into RAM, possibly the remaining image? Any ideas on a fix or how to start troubleshooting would be great.


Anaconda needs since C7, I think, 1.5G to be able to install. If you add
1G you’ll end with weird error messages. I read a Bugzilla a while back
that this behaviour was introduced in Fedora 23/24? and there was an
effort planned to slim down the installer. Don’t know how far that is




I can confirm, 1.2 GB usually is enough but 1.5 is the safe sweetspot. Unfortunate.

Yeah, that’s a pain. Maybe I’ll find some way to deploy Alpine in Foreman

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