CentOS/Ubuntu based Grub2 binaries for PXE


I will be creating a noarch RPM package containing Grub2 EFI binaries
for various architectures (INTEL 64, AARM64, IBM POWER BE/LE) for RHEL
in order to enable users to install them easily on Smart Proxy running
on RHEL systems. This is aimed for Satellite 6 customers.

At the moment, our installer simply copies over EFI binary found on
the host system for RHEL/CentOS compatible systems and on Debians it
makes the image from modules (this does not work with SecureBoot).
This is not ideal as we want users to be able to boot non-intel
platforms via smart-proxy running on x86_64 of course, also we want to
be sure SecureBoot works fine.

Now, I can create the same for CentOS7 (EL7) Smart Proxy RPM
repository, based on Grub2 from CentOS7 project. It's a little bit
unstandard way of shipping software, but I can't think of better way.

The same problem (even more complex) is for Ubuntu/Debian users. The
way Grub2 is distributed in Debian and Ubuntu is quite different -
it's not signed in Debian (users must sign it themselves if I
understand the wiki correctly [1] as this is still WIP). For Ubuntu,
there are signed versions available but they are published as regular
(HTTP) files [2]. Therefore I think the easiest and most practical way
would be to create a DEB containing Grub2 binaries built and signed by
Canonical. If there are volunteers to help me with this (this looks
like decent DEB packaging task), apply now! :slight_smile:

[1] https://wiki.debian.org/SecureBoot
[2] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UEFI/PXE-netboot-install

ยทยทยท -- Later, Lukas @lzap Zapletal