Challenge integrating salt and foreman

I am setting up a new Foreman instance and trying to install the salt plugin, but running into the following error:

This is a clean Foreman 3.1.2 installation on Ubuntu 20.04, and for the salt plugin installation I am following the manual Foreman :: Plugin Manuals

I don’t have a salt master set up yet, and when I do set it up it will run on a different host. But from the instructions in the manual, it sounds to me like I should be able to install the plugin on foreman host and then install salt-master on its own host, then configure both according to configuration instructions.

Is that not the case?

Pinging @Bernhard_Suttner @bastian-src for salt issues.

Just FYI: We have moved the foreman_salt documentation from the (old) Manual to the Foreman documentation: See Installing Salt Plugin in the Managing Hosts Guide.

Thanks! Yeah, the commands I used for the salt plugin installation are exactly the same, and I am not able to get to the configuration part, because of errors during plugin installation.

You need to have salt-master installed or provide a repository which ships salt-master . See Installation for further details.

Thank you for following up, @Bernhard_Suttner
Sorry, it is a bit unclear to me based on information in the manual.

If I am trying to set Foreman and Salt on two separate machines, do I still have to install salt-master and salt-api on the machine where Foreman runs even though that’s not where I intend to run salt master instance?

The smart proxy salt package need to be installed on the host, on which salt-master runs.
If there is no salt-master on foreman host itself, you don’t need to install smart proxy salt package.

I see, ok that makes sense. I think what was confusing me is that the manual shows both foreman and smart proxy plugins installed in a single command.
I’ll try a clean install with proper configuration and report back. Thank you @Bernhard_Suttner

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@Bernhard_Suttner I have another question. So I’ve configured the Foreman host, looks good so far.
Now I am configuring Salt Master on a different host and trying to install the smart-proxy-salt plugin.

From the instructions, it looks like I have to go through the whole foreman installation as detailed here Foreman :: Manual but in the last step, I would just run sudo foreman-installer --enable-enable-foreman-proxy-plugin-salt ? Or is there a way to install just the plugin on this host but not the foreman instance?

I think you online need to install the foreman-proxy package and the appropriate Salt proxy plugin (dont know the exact package name, not sitting in front of computer right now) on your Salt master.
Oh, and just a small hint. I would recommend using an Enterprise Linux compatible distribution. I had a really hard time getting everything running on Ubuntu. Foreman and its components are definitely not made to be installed on Debian or Ubuntu, documentation and tooling are a bit lacking in my experience.