Changes to Matrix room after required by July 31st?

I saw this topic mentioned in the Ansible Bullhorn newsletter this morning.

I believe @mcorr setup the forman & pulp matrix-libera chat bridges but I don’t remember the exact wording on how this was done. Has someone investigated to see if we are impacted?

FYI - We are discussing this on pulp discourse here: Changes to Matrix room after required by July 31? - Community - Pulp Community

Thanks for raising this. I did see it, but I think it may have been @Gwmngilfen who set it up. I’m not sure who owns the Matrix room right now, but I don’t.

FYI we recived a msg that the bridge has been suspended. Pulp community decided to let it be (see link to orig pulp thread) - but feels like I see more than a few foreman/katello friends who are connected via libera so this is likely more impactful to foreman than pulp.

Is there any new guidance on what people should do?

I just realized after a month that I was connected to the LiberaChat (using a matrix client) and everything was dead. I now joined the proper matrix channels.

Ideally this page should be updated: Foreman :: Support

If you know what to adjust, you can create a PR against

@Dirk Unfortunately I am pretty shaky on what exactly happened, how permanent this is, and Matrix and IRC in general. Definitely good to already have the link to the file though. Hopefully this will motivate somebody with a better understanding of the current state to make some quick adjustments.

I’m still not entirely sure what we should do. XKCD did describe my position quite well:

And I haven’t found a Matrix good integration in a console client. IMHO the limited functionality of IRC is usually a feature. Except that when you’re disconnected you don’t get any messages and can’t read back. That does have downsides.

On the other hand, I do see a barrier for new users.

Perhaps we should accept the disconnect and start listing both places.

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A modest proposal to reduce confusion: Is it possible to boot the dead Libera.Chat accounts from the matrix rooms?

That way, the room info user list, would not create the mistaken impression that people who only joined via Libera are still present and listening. Right now matrix is still offering tab completion for pinging these dead accounts.

I think we’d need someone to step us a Matrix admin, because previous admins have moved on. I don’t have an account at all, so I’d look at @Gwmngilfen here to hand things over.

I can reach out to @Gwmngilfen and see what we can do about the matrix room. However, I think the elephant in the room is, what do we prefer from now on? IRC or matrix? Or can it still be somehow bridged? I read about plumbing rooms. Anyone willing to do the research? Our current guidelines linked by Dirk mention both, but I feel like that’s splitting the community. I’d prefer to have a single place for chat. I don’t have a strong preference of the network myself.


Oh hai :smiley_cat: it’s been a while :stuck_out_tongue:

I can take a look what I still have permissions for, can someone remind me of the aliases to join?

Not right now, at least not really. The public Matrix/IRC bridge to Libera is down, and running you own is no small task (plus you’d need your own homeserver) - and Libera probably wouldn’t allow it anyway.

The only option right now is a relaybot, which is as horrible as you’d expect. I’ve set up an instance of Matterbridge for Ansible, but only in a handful of rooms (I can’t do all 30+ or it’d be kicked for flooding), and it can’t handle DMs at all - it’s really just to give folks a route to ping people on the other side if needed. Sad times, but I’m assured the bridge will be back at some point, I just don’t know when.

should be and

I have admin in both, who should I promote?

@nofaralfasi is this something you’d be interested in?

@Gwmngilfen yes, that would be great.

@nofaralfasi apologies, I was travelling last week. What’s your matrix ID? I can do that once I know.

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@Gwmngilfen please also add me (, thanks!

Mine is: Thanks!