Changing Content hosts' Life Cycle Envs/Content Views


I have decided that one of my Life Cycle Envs and Content Views is
extraneous, and I want to move the Content Hosts associated with those LCEs
into another.

Those hosts were added to the LCEs via Activation Keys.

I have followed the docs

but I do not see the same result as the docs.

The Content Host currently only has a single Content View to choose from.
When I try to change the Environment, I get the message

"You must select a new content view before your change of environment can
be saved.

Use the cancel button on content view selection to revert your environment
But I have no other cv to change to?

Is it because I've subscribed using an activation key?

Given this is the case, how do I re-associate with a new Life Cycle? Is it
sufficient to just resubscribe with the appropriate activation key, or do I
need to unsubscribe from the old LCE before subscribing with the new?


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