Changing the default from static to dynamic query for REX

As a follow up on Bug #27302: Filter is only evaluate when planning not running recurring job - Foreman Remote Execution - Foreman (and me feeling stupid for not finding the option), I want to open an RFC. REX allows you to directly execute, plan for the future or create a recurring job. For directly executed jobs it typically does not matter, for all others in my opinion it makes more sense to execute the query dynamically when running the job. But at the moment the default is static query (which I have to admit is more wysiwyg like @aruzicka pointed out) and the option for switching to dynamic query is very well hidden at the bottom of the advanced options.

So my idea would be changing the default or at least make the option more prominent (perhaps only for future and recurring jobs), but let me know what you think. I will afterwards create a feature request on redmine and look into if I can create a PR myself, if there is a majority for a change.

  • Keep static query
  • Switch to dynamic query
  • At least make the option more visible
  • Something else (please comment)

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I created the PR to get it perhaps already in 1.23.