Charting facts

I remember this working/existing in 3.6 and is likely a missing plugin at this point and feel like I’m missing something when looking for the change/plugin. How does one “chart” a instance of a fact ad-hoc. I don’t need this to be a dashboard widget (although a couple of these could be nice). In previous versions I could browse for a fact and hit “graph” (I think) and it could show me in chart form what percentage of my environment was reporting what value for that fact. If someone could point me to the change/new plugin that would be greatly appreciated.

TFM 3.9.1
Puppet 7
Alma 8

Perhaps you’re searching for this? Foreman :: Plugin Manuals

The functionality was called trends.

The functionality wasn’t widely used so it was extracted to a plugin togetger with statistics page, based on the facts too. What is your use case?

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We have primarily used it to get an adhoc glance of os/app versions and for a couple custom facts around patching/reboot required. This was not a frequent use, but was a convenient thing to have. Will take a look at the plugin, but that sounds right/plausible.

Well it looks like we did have this plugin installed at one point (migration was pending when reinstalling) but it does not add the functionality I am thinking of right now and not sure if I have any saved screenshots.

Can’t edit my last post but found a screenshot that shows what I was talking about. In the facts view was an additional action column of view chart.

we’ve hit another point where the functionality from the screenshot would be useful, if it was moved to the module we didn’t see it enabled. any more thoughts on how to get this capability back?

Oh, I guess you mean this then

This was changed a year ago Fixes #36058 - Drop the socket facts chart by girijaasoni · Pull Request #9695 · theforeman/foreman · GitHub, starting with Foreman 3.7 the functionality is not present anymore. I don’t think there’s any plan to bring it back. For the overview of the OS/distribution assignment, one can navigate to Host → Provisioning Setup → Operating Systems and see the counts of hosts for each individual OS.

Similarly, some of the facts are now converted to something called “reported data”, which can be added as a column on the Host index page. Free swap is not one of them today, but could be easily added. That would not work for custom facts though, that was only possible with column_view plugin, which is no longer supported.

Thanks for the follow up. I definitely missed that. We had been stuck on 3.6 for a bit. When we did finally upgrade, we walked the tree from 3.6 → 3.9 checking for basic functionality along the way. I know I didn’t check for this/catch it in notes where it happened.

From a maintenance perspective I’d have a hard time arguing it should have been preserved. Especially when this was an adhoc maybe every several months used feature for us.

Free swap was just the first screenshot I could find online. Will explore the reported data more for some of these. If nothing else we can always export a particular fact and throw it into excel to get a quick graph view.

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