Check classes from Salt ENC


I'm not sure if this is the correct group for my problem… But :

How to check in Salt the Result of the generated SaltENC from Foreman.

Salt ENC creates something like

··· --- classes: - create_user - persfirewall - core-defaults parameters:........

The state “persfirewall” is an optional States which defines a custom firewall. The Core (default) Firewall (deny everything from external) is included in state core-defaults.

During a high.state I want to check in the core-defaults if “persfirewall” is defined. If it’s so, ignore the default firewall creation.

off course I can define the defaultFirewall even also as a seperated state, but I want in include in the core-default state so that I can be sure there is a

firewall installed. That the using administrator does not have to handle it for every host.

Hope for some hints…

Thanks a lot

– Tom