Choose PXE loader is Grub2 UEFI HTTP ,cannot install operatingsystem

I would like to use UEFI to install operatingsystem,however it can’t find operatingsystem mirror package .

Do I lack any configuration and how to install the operating system in UEFI?
Thank you !
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you show a system that is failing to boot over UEFI PXE legacy. No details provided, there is not much I can do here.

I suggest you to read: Provisioning Guide specifically PXE UEFI provisioning.

emphasized textWhat details do you want to see?

I choose PXE loader PXEGrub2 UEFI and I find /var/lib/tftpboot/grub2/grubx64.efi
Why did the installation of the operating system fail?

Cant tell from a screen picture. We need more details, you need to dig in.

Does "PXEGrub2 UEFI HTTP " here refer to Grub2 UEFI? I only find “Grub2 UEFI” in PXE loader

Use PXEGrub2 to do PXE booting. Use PXEGrub2 UEFI HTTP to do HTTP UEFI Boot. These are completely different workflows.

I want to know which pxegrub2 template to choose, kickstart default pxegrub2 or pxegrub2 global default?

I don’t have the pxegrub2 option .I only have .I have only the following options for Grub2

so which one do I choose?
I’m going to collapse

I meant “Grub2 UEFI”.

My choice is Grub2 UEFI .What about the template? Pxegrub2 selects kickstart default?

Follow the manual.

The manual only says to select pxegrub2

I see several “pxegrub2” templates, which one should I choose

Hey @zsy12

I think it would be best if you would play around and figure out which pxegrub2 template suits you best.
I suspect the majority of your issues stem from a lack of familiarity with Foreman provisioning in general.

Please take a look at our guide Provisioning Guide
Go through the overviews, go through the higher level concepts. Ensure everything is clear for you about provisioning in Foreman. A lot of the time, users find that once they have gone through everything, tested locally, things just start working. It’s hard to tell what we don’t know sometimes.

We have another guide where we have explanations of template syntax if you have trouble understanding it: Managing Hosts
Having a good understanding of the syntax will let you determine which template you need.

If you would like to look at additional Foreman training, we have some links to resources here: Foreman :: Training

If you need to move faster than you have time to invest in self-knowledge, perhaps availing of some professional services might be the best option for you: Foreman :: Professional Services

when I install windows operatingsystem,I can’t found bootmgfw.efi.
The virtual machine reports that
error: invalid magic number.
error: you need to load the kernal first

please help me . I only configured the finish template, the PXEGub2 template, and the provisioning template. The PXEGrub2 template is Kickstart default PXEGrub2

when I install windows operatingsystem,I can’t found bootmgfw.efi.
The virtual machine reports that
error: invalid magic number.error: you need to load the kernal first
I only find BOOTX64.EFI in /boot/efi/EFI/BOOT
Thank you