Client Repository and Supported OSes


We are exploring a move off of our Koji and to the Copr build system. This opens up the possibility to more easily add support for additional RPM based OSes for our client repository. First, though, is handling our current set. Within the Enterprise Linux family we have everything we need. However, there is no easy way that I can see to support SLES. Copr does provide the following OpenSUSE based repos:

  • opensuse-leap-15.3-x86_64
  • opensuse-leap-15.4-x86_64
  • opensuse-tumbleweed-x86_64

Open Questions

  • Is if anyone is maintaining the SLES builds anymore?
  • Should we drop SLES in favor of OpenSUSE builds?

Short Term

While we figure out the Suse space, for the new Copr based pipelines I am going to opt to skip over SLES.

We at ATIX are maintaining this: and we are using the existing RPM spec files for this.

Sounds like we can “drop” the SLES that is part of the repositories then. Would it help to add an OpenSUSE build via Copr to have a tested build that happens on PRs?

Sure. This would be fine. Building pkgs for SUSE makes nearly so much “fun” as for Debian/Ubuntu :slight_smile: