Clustering Foreman - Manual Section 5.8

Unable to determine how one can cluster 2 nodes of foreman to make this into a highly available production solution.

Expected outcome:
One should be able to follow a well documented series of steps that allow for two (or more) foreman servers to stay sync’d up in a manner that allows one of them to be offline while not disrupting the foreman service.

Foreman and Proxy versions:
The latest

Distribution and version:
the latest

Other relevant data:
It appears from section 5.8 of the manual - MultipleForemaninstances , that this can work now. Has anyone done this sucessfully, such as the author of this section 5,8?

The documentation is sparse at best, lacking any specifics. I have many questions, such as, how exactly does the database sharing work? Which dB do I point my instances to? Is this referring to an external dB?

Is this an active/active setup? From the section 5.8.4, it discusses using the same ‘hostname’ then refers to apache, so is this an apache vhost common name? In which case it seems it’s using DNS to randomly pick a foreman to take the request?

I really need to do this, and would be happy to fully document it, even be a point of contact to help y’all out with this. It seems like a much needed feature for anyone that is serious about managing a large production environment with foreman. Let’s put our heads together and figure out what it takes to make this work, and document the details.