Collection of /etc/os-release files

I would like to share with you repository with collection of /etc/os-release files from various operating systems & their versions.

Right now there are files from AlmaLinux, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, OracleLinux, RHEL, RockyLinux & Ubuntu.

Feel free to use it for your development / testing & if you miss some OS please do not hesitate with the contribution, the ultimate goal is to have samples for every OS (and every version).



A sidenote: This file is relatively new and was added by systemd: /etc/os-release therefore OSes which do not use systemd might not have this file at all. But I think whatever you do, leveraging this modern feature is the correct way to do - it was a mess before.

I would also add that the Debian-based vs RedHat-based part is kind of hard with /etc/os-release. In my experience it’s easiest to check if /etc/debian_version or /etc/redhat-release exists.