Community monitoring rotation

This is the place to look for who is in charge of making sure users get support when asking questions in our forum.

The person in charge primary role is to monitor support posts in our forum, orchestrating collaborations with Dev’s/QE’s and other experts in our community when necessary. They are not required to personally resolve every post but can engage other engineers for assistance.

Our rotation system scheduled based on: Each week, a dedicated engineer from one of our teams will take the lead, focusing on their specific areas of ownership. This approach will ensure comprehensive coverage and expertise within our community support.

For our users - if you feel you haven’t gotten a response for too long you can ping the person in charge of the week on your thread.

Please avoid direct messages and keep everything pubic.

Week 1

From To Dev/QE Team
27 Nov 01 Dec @name Endeavour
27 Nov 01 Dec @name Phoenix
27 Nov 01 Dec @name Platform
27 Nov 01 Dec @nofaralfasi Rocket

Week 2

From To Dev/QE Team
04 Dec 08 Dec @name Endeavour
04 Dec 08 Dec @name Phoenix
04 Dec 08 Dec @name Platform
04 Dec 08 Dec @name Rocket

Week 3

From To Dev/QE Team
11 Dec 15 Dec @name Endeavour
11 Dec 15 Dec @name Phoenix
11 Dec 15 Dec @name Platform
11 Dec 15 Dec @name Rocket