Comparative - puppet enterprise vs foreman features

Less a problem than a question, I was wondering if anyone would care to help me fill this quick checklist of features for foreman. I already have 2 thirds of the fields filled (to the left), I would like if you could help me fill the foreman part below. It’s just a very high level feature comparison with puppet open source and puppet enterprise, I would like to know what can be done with foreman (assume I can add plugins at will or not, to your best convenience / effort)

Expected outcome:
as much data as possible so I avoid reading all the docs to answer this very high level but very practical chart that requires lots of reading to fill but can probably be filled by heart within a couple of minutes by someone knowledgeable enough

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
any that is relevant

Other relevant data:

Thanks a lot !