Complete Community Demo listing page

Hi all,

I have had a request to provide a single source of all the demos that have taken place over a year, with their title and a link to each section.

This should be easy because after every demo, I time stamp both the videos and the event entry, so anyone watching back later can dip in and out of what interests them.

If I am to compile and maintain a page for example, of 2021 demos, where would you think is a good place to do it? Would it be better here within the community, as a Wiki page, or on the website? Or perhaps a Github gist?

I was thinking one page with links to all the user-focused demos, and one page for all the developer focused demos per year.

I suppose with time I could sort them into topics with headings or someone might like to help me sort them by topic if that would be useful.

What do you think?


Would this be a good location so it has some more recent content: Foreman :: Media ?

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Perhaps as a drop down in that general area of the site, but that is for conference talks and case studies in general, by the looks of it.
The demo list, over a year, would get very very long, and I would not embed, I am thinking, but list and link.
This has been on my very very long to do list to update also.


IMHO we should make the information as accessible as possible.

I prefer a simple page ‘Foreman Community Demo’ with a searchable list of talks and links to youtube videos incl. timestamps.


I agree with @dirk that something on the website is good. Perhaps it’s time to revisit the media page altogether. Then you could end up with /media/demos, /media/screencasts, /media/conferences etc.

Then you could end up with /media/demos, /media/screencasts, /media/conferences etc.

I do this already on the Pulp website, so that would be good I think.
A page on the website it is then, with descriptive links that point to timestamps!


Just to close this out:

I made the page: Foreman :: Community Demos and then @Ron_Lavi very quickly enhanced it with a filter!