Config Groups foreman_puppet plugin

hi all

when I create config groups in foreman I see the warning:
Config Groups are being extracted to the foreman_puppet plugin and will be removed from core in 3.0

Can I still create and use the config groups or should I stop using them? and what will happens to my config groups in version 3.0 ? Does anyone know that ?

Thanks in advance

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Distribution and version:
Ubunut 18.04

This is part of the The Road to Making Puppet Optional work. You can certainly still use them, but in the future they (along with puppet classes, environments and class parameters) will require the foreman_puppet plugin.
As described in Puppet in 3.0 release, initially the plugin will be installed by default, allowing a smooth upgrade path for puppet users. Users who do not wish to continue using the plugin will be provided with instructions on how to remove it and clean up the database.


Thank you so much for your answer @tbrisker. Its very clear answer :slight_smile:

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