Config Management Camp

Foreman will be at CfgMgmtCamp2019, with booth, talks, demos, swag, and probably dinner out on Tuesday night. Join us for our flagship event!

For those attending who’d like to help out on the booth, I’m creating a booth schedule right here. Please do put your name down if you can help! Sadly I can’t do too much here as I have a track to run :wink:

Monday 4th:

Time Names
8-10am (booth setup) @Gwmngilfen
10-12noon @Gwmngilfen
12-2pm @evgeni
4-6pm @evgeni (5-6)

Tuesday 5th:

Time Names
8-10am @Gwmngilfen
10-12noon @Gwmngilfen
12-2pm @evgeni
4-6pm (booth takedown) @evgeni

I’ll be around most of the time.

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I haven’t had time to look at the schedule to see about talks I want to attend but I know I must at least attend two. People tend to expect the presenter to be present :slight_smile:


Mon 12-2 (but would like to also get lunch in that slot), 4-6 (preferably 5-6)
Tue 12-2 (but also would like to get lunch in that slot), takedown

Will there be any page/wiki where all thoughts, ideas, pitches, … “gained” during cfgmgmtcamp will be posted?

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I generally throw things onto my TODO list, but that’s not a bad idea! Let’s make this a wiki post, edit away! :slight_smile:


  • 10th anniversary conference with Netways?
    • 7th November @ NETWAYS, after OSMC
  • in the metrics overview it was noticable not all users are on the latest greatest, was wondering if perhaps some just don’t know there’s a new version? Proposal: rss releases (from github?) as notification?
  • Cool stuff: “Juju”! I think we’re very close to having this: we have compute sources, we already have system descriptions in YAML, could we not describe a complete deployment in yaml and push it? Interesting case: bare metal discover a server => install oVirt => deploy 5 vms => kick ansible and deploy kubernetes … All while drinking coffee and filling in the community survey. I also think that would the key differentiator compared to juju; because foreman already supports it!
    • Perhaps we could also start to talk/think in terms of resource pools as well? E.g. I want this set of servers to do whatever is described in yaml.
  • Cool stuff: control smart proxy via message queue, removes the need for a perfect connection, definitly in less ideal environments where internet access is sometimes sketchy (in my case, I have smart proxies that are at a customer site… But this site doesn’t have internet from day one because the building is still under construction, other interested parties are located in rural africa)
  • Not entirely sure if I correctly understood it would be interesting to have the ability to create snapshots of a VM?
  • Noice to have: We have e-mails, which is great, but perhaps these could also be made a bit more 21st century…like the login screen? :slight_smile: @Roxanne_Hoover? :smiley:
    • Extra: Getting a mail when a job is done executing?
  • Discovery: Would be nice to sniff out devices in the network, simply because they exists; perhaps this could lead to just trigger some comissioning of these devices (e.g. embedded devices that can be controlled but not provisioned)
  • (AFAIK, it’s possible to create subnets with MaaS; …perhaps KEA will bring this ability to the table in a standard way?)