Configuration file for Foreman trusted hosts

Is there a configuration file for “Trusted hosts” in Foreman, so that I don’t need to add trusted hosts to Settings -> Authentication -> Trusted hosts?

Because the config is mostly written into the database there is no config file for this case. At least as far as I know.

What’s the difference between writing a config file or a parameter which is saved in the database ?

Is your use case to not click and fill the form? You should be able to use the API in this case Foreman :: API v2

I’m working on a Docker image for Foreman and I wanted to have a file based
configuration for this. I guess it’ll have to be done post-configuration
(which is fine).

As Dirk mentioned you are able to use the API. I would recommend to solve this in your dockerfile

Since the API would need basic auth credentials, I’ll need to do this after
startup unless there’s now a setting to bootstrap foreman with an admin

Den ons 29 maj 2019 16:09Martin via TheForeman <> skrev:

The installer has the option --foreman-admin-password, so it also available via answer file or puppet, so depending on the way you bootstrap it should be possible.

For anybody that comes to this thread… you can simply swap out “search”
with whatever name your setting has.

curl -k -u admin:password