Connect to iDrac and configure BIOS, RAID and Firmware updates from the foreman


We are planning to use the Foreman to deploy the fw updates, change Bios
Settings etc. I currently discovered the hosts using the foreman_discovery
plugin using PXE NIC available on the Physical server. I got all the facts
along with the IPMI (which is the iDrac Nic Interface for Dell PowerEdge

  1. Is there any way to connect to the iDrac Console and execute/change
    the Bios settings from the foreman GUI once they appear under the
    Discovered hosts? Is there any plugin/workaround available to it?
  2. I have some ansible playbooks in handy which uses the raw module to
    go and execute the required racadm commands on iDrac console itself. But, I
    couldn't figure out a way to execute them from the foreman once the servers
    appear under the discovered hosts?.
  3. Is there any way that I can get the iDrac console to be shown in
    Foreman GUI via web socket ( as like for virtual machines either using
    NoVnc or serial etc.?

Please suggest me how to proceed on this using the Foreman GUI/CLI. Any
help is appreciated!!!


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