Container image for running plugin-tests

Hi there,

I was wondering: is there a ‘generic’ docker/container-image one can use to run a plugin-project’s unit-tests and linting in (e.g. on github-action workflows) or are there plans to implement one?

IMHO currently every plugin-developer is currently struggling more or less to setup a test-environment where the tests can run.
And the tasks are always the same:

  1. find an appropriate base-image
  2. find a way to use postgresql-container (or use nulldb if possible)
  3. set-up a specific foreman-version
  4. set-up appropriate foreman-tasks-version
  5. set-up appropriate katello-version

The necessity for the latter two steps depending on the plugin to tests.
All while having to deal with various difficulty-levels regarding bundle, npm and other dependencies.

@Shimon_Shtein has been using a container for running tests in foreman_rh_cloud

Thanks, some more research also finds an already existing topic; I probably should continue the discussion there :sweat_smile: