Content filter view url

My content view URL looks like below

the above URL works fine.

When I try to traverse through sub links link below I am getting 404: Not Found.

can anyone help me with this?
Are there any configuration changes to be done?
Expected outcome:

Wanted to travers through sub folder in the pulp3 content view URL.

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman 3.1 and proxy-3.1.0

can any one help me on this?

Naranthiran Duraisamy

Pulp3 doesn’t do that at the moment. You can access only repos and a complete repo list at /pulp/content/

Whether we will have this option in the upcoming release?

When I use /pulp/content/ all the repos are getting exposed. Is there way to restrict specific repo not to exposed?

Naranthiran Duraisamy