Content host - last checkin updated


For the centos6 hosts, the “last checkin” value is not updated at content-hosts page.
(this value is equal at register date).
I can’t find a qdrouted service on foreman server. It’s normal ?

Expected outcome:
Get updated value for “last checkin”

Foreman and Proxy versions:

  • Host redhat 7.9
  • Foreman 2.5.3-1
  • Katello 4.1.3-1
  • Pulp 3.0.0

Distribution client and version:

  • Client centos 6.9
  • gofer 2.11-9
  • subscription-manager 1.13.12
  • katello-agent 3.5.1

Other relevant data:

On centos6 : [ERROR][worker-0] gofer.messaging.adapter.connect:33 - connect: proton+amqps://foreman.domain:-5647 failed: Connection amqps://foreman.domain:5647 disconnected Condition(‘proton.pythonio’, ‘Connection error: 113’).

Hi @cpsfrm,

Regarding the errors you’re seeing around qpid/qdrouterd: you don’t need those if you’re not using katello-agent. Although, you should definitely look into using Remote Execution instead.

If you need katello-agent, then re-run the installer with --foreman-proxy-content-enable-katello-agent=true which will set up those up on your Katello server. If you don’t intend to use katello-agent with your clients, then you can safely remove the katello-agent package from those systems.

Ok, for last checkin time: as far as I know that gets updated in two situations:

  • when the rhsmcert daemon on your clients communicate with the Katello server. that’s every 4 hours by default
  • when you run subscription-manager refresh from your client

Which of those (or other scenario) were you expecting to see the checkin time be updated?