Content Host Subscriptions

I have the following setup:

1 dev activation key
1 dev host collection
1 dev content host
1 dev content view with ‘version 1.0’ content (basically all my current products)
1 dev LE with my content view in it

I have NOT subscribed individually on my host… i was under the impression that this host should see my repos without needing to subscribe within the GUI for that host. My content host cannot see any repos. Am I supposed to subscribe to each repo individually on my content host? If so, how does that work for large scale deployments? I was under the impression this was controlled by the host collection.


Hi, you do not need to subscribe your host to repos in UI individually. I would check the following:

  • whether your host is is correctly subscribed under Hosts -> Content

  • what subscriptions are attached to the activation key under Content -> Activation Keys, Subscriptions tab

I usually forget to attach subsctiptions to the key.

Hope this helps,

Hi Ondrej,

The only way my host was able to finally see my repos was when I subscribed it to the products under Content hosts -> host - >add subscriptions. I pushed out a subscription-manager refresh and my repo was generated.

How is this done on a large scale for host collections? I did this same exact method in host collections and it didn’t seem like anything was done to the clients.

Thanks again for your response.

Unless there is a step that I am missing, it should be possible to attach subscriptions through host collection to multiple hosts, at least I see ‘Subscription Management’ action. So if this does not work, there may be a bug or the task of subscription bulk attachment did not finish correctly for some reason.

Thanks Ondrej – I’ll double check all bases.