Content Hosts Installable Updates not refreshing for Deb Packages

When should the installable updates value be refreshed after applying updates?
I see the status here:
Then upgraded the 5 packages, but the value is not getting updated.
rebooed, refresh with subscription-manager, apt update. did not help.
which component is actually updating the status to the server?


Expected outcome:
Installable Updates should refresh after applying updates

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman 3.1
Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:
CentOS 7.9
Other relevant data:

only the “last checking” timestamp gets an update.
after unregistering/registering with SM, “Installable Updates” get updates. but I think thats not the only way it should work?

Hi Thomas,

at the end of your upgrade run of the Ubuntu-host the apt-command should return something like:

Package profile updates
        status: 1
        updates: []

That means that it uploaded the new package list and should trigger a new task like that:

And that task recalculates the updates for that system.

That would be the usual workflow but maybe the upload fails for some reason or the task is not triggered.

So to answer the very first question: Every time you install, remove, upgrade a package using apt, the subscription-manager-integration should trigger the upload of the current package list and enabled repos. (apt update is not sufficient and it is not triggered if you install something via dpkg)


Hi Groot, :slight_smile:
Thank you very much for your input. That solved it.
It was my error:
I did not see the the “Package profile updates” after apt upgrade. katello-host-tools-tracer was not installed.
with that installed, the update to katello, after apt upgrade, was almost instantly.

grĂĽĂźe nach MĂĽnchen


I think the katello-host-tools-tracer-package is optional. The important packages are apt-transport-katello and katello-upload-profile (probably those were installed as dependency of the katello-host-tools-tracer).

Schöne Grüße zurück :wink:

yes exactly it was the katello-upload-profile package which fixed it.
saw that on my second test host now.
last question here:
ist it possible trigger the upload task. the task will only be triggered on apt install/upgrade?
usually this should not be necassary, but perhaps someone installs an update by dpkg, apt would not be triggered. so I can only send an update with the next apt upgrade/install?
just curious.


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You can trigger it manually via

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Do we have something like this for RHEL 8 where we can tell Foreman, please refresh the patch list to reflect in the dashboard rather than wait for the automated job to run?

Which version of foreman are you using? Because I do not know this refresh-feature so far. I only know of the “Recalculate Errata”-Button but I don’t think it will get a new list of the packages (if you are not using the katello-agent)

On RHEL8 you can do

dnf upload-profile