'Content hosts' not showing installable updates for Debian like systems

Problem: unable to quickly identify outdated debian-like hosts

Expected outcome: Info at ‘installable updates’ column.

Foreman and Proxy versions: 2.0.1 w/ katello.

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version: Centos 7.8

Other relevant data:

Hi everyone, we are currently having some issues with debian based systems here’s some background story: At our company we are using Spacewalk for software updates/management. We are currently moving to Foreman with katello, to also use other integrations and compliance stuff we need.
Our environment is heterogeneous and we have some Debian and Redhat based systems. The issue we are facing is specific with debian like systems: we managed to make subscription-manager .deb’s and subscribe the systems, plus they are getting packages from Foreman’s created repo. But we are not seeing any ‘installable updates’ at Content hosts tab.
suggestions / ideas?
thanks beforehand!

You need to be more precise about your version, in particular katello. There have been some applicability issues. See this thread. Possibly your problems have the same reason. Most issues have been solved in the latest katello updates.

@gvde thanks for your reply and pointing that out, as well as the thread.
Here are the precise versions:
centos = 7.8.2003
katello =
foreman =
I just run foreman-installer --scenario katello --upgrade with no errors, and with no noticeable changes . Resynced the repos for Centos and Ubuntu, rebooted the server and the clients and run yum update to see upgradeable packages, at content hosts installable updates, I see for centos 40 in the gui and 163 from the cli.
Did a system update and now im with:
katello =
pulp-server =
then repeated all, rebooted all systems, resynced repos checked via apt and yum but unfortunatelly still showing differences .

thanks again!

I guess, that you want to see updates, bugs, etc. on the Content Hosts which are required to fix security holes in your subscribed debian hosts.
This is currently only available as PR in upstream Katello. See: https://github.com/Katello/katello/pull/7961

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hi @Bernhard_Suttner , thanks for replying, I appreciate that. Available as PR in upstream Katello mean that it is working or just started being considered ?
Is there any temporary workaround for this? even outside katello

thanks again!

We are working on it but there are many things to consider.

Any chance we can get some insight as to how this is coming along? :slight_smile: That would be appreciated.