Content Management & Suse drpm files not syncing

When syncing the opensuse public repo it seems to be excluding the drpm files, the Repo i setup is vary standard with not many options selected but yet the repos still seem to be missing.

In the below URL you will find the curl package for example with the rpm and the drpm files

Below you can see a screenshot of the repo i have setup

Also on the system i get this error
Retrieving: curl-7.66.0-4.17.1_4.22.1.x86_64.drpm …[not found]
File ‘./x86_64/curl-7.66.0-4.17.1_4.22.1.x86_64.drpm’ not found on medium ‘

Is there an option i am missing to enable this download or does the underlining process only pull down .rpm files and excludes the rest??

Expected outcome:
All files to be downloaded

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:
CentOS 7

Other relevant data:

Hi cflannigan,

As a workaround, you should disable the “mirror on sync” option. I’ve filed an issue upstream to fix this issue.

My above answer was not very complete - apologies.

Pulp 3 doesn’t (and won’t) support Delta RPMs because they are falling out of favor in the ecosystem - they are very complex, occasionally buggy, expensive to compute and the benefit is not as high as it was when they were introduced.

The “mirror on sync” option clones the metadata without parsing it and thus cloning the DRPM packages as well - this is a bug. If you do a non-mirror sync, it will regenerate the metadata without the Delta metadata, which avoids the client looking for files that don’t exist.

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Thanks very much for the detailed information and yes i would hope Suse would remove the delta’s at some stage, but for now i guess they are using them. I have actually written and testing a ansible job to disable the use of delta’s in the zypp.conf that way it forces zypper to use the complete RPM rather then using the delta file.

I will check your option also as its possible some system’s might fall through the cracks of the ansible job to update the zypp.conf and this way i can ensure i dont run into the issue.