Content View and Installable Errata

**Problem: Errata filtered by exclude filter in CV shows as “installable”

**Expected outcome: Errata posted after the “updated on” date should be applicable but not installable

**Foreman and Proxy versions:

**Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:Katello

**Other relevant data: CV filter is an exclude based on “updated on” date of June 18. However, 2 errata, one dated June 19 and one dated June 24 (CESA-2019:1481 and CESA-2019:1587) still show up as installable for hosts with the CV applied to their lifecycle environment. I am using the errata for CentOS, imported via the Perl script published here and the errata is showing up. I also tried toggling the setting “Installable errata from Content View” to “yes”. No dice, both errata show as “Installable”. Ensured filter is applied to repo. Is there something else I can check? This works as expected on Satellite 6.4 for our RH clients.

The errata do not show up at the client when using yum, so the CV works, it just seems that Katello doesn’t know to remove it from the “installable” category.

Well, not sure if this is related to importing CentOS errata or just general CV weirdness, but I unsubscribed my client, deleted my CV filter, re-created the filter with the same settings and date, published a new version of the CV and promoted to my lifecycle environment. The package counts in the CV mysteriously reverted back to an older version and now things seem good again (including applicable versus installable). I will test again when a new errata XML is published and see if there is any fallout.