Content View - Custom Tags Instead of Version Numbers?

I’m relatively new to Foreman but I’m now spending time working with the Content Views to get an understanding of them. My workflow looks as following:

  • Checking content change after automated sync occurs to see if new packages have been added
  • When I see new packages have been added during a sync, I then cut a new version of the content view
  • I promote the new version to my Dev, QA and Production lifecycles after appropriate testing in each
  • Deploy previous version to whatever lifecycles needed to “roll back” the change (via dnf distro-sync for example) in the event of issues

Assuming cutting a new version is indeed doing what I want it to do - taking a snapshot of the contents at that point in time - I’m curious if there is any current way to instead of using a version number, allow a custom format. I’d prefer, personally, to be able to use a date with an incremental (ie 2022.02.12-01) instead of simply incrementing major version numbers.

An example use-case is a repository used for internally developed software where there may be multiple releases per day that are going through dev → qa → lifecycle. During that course we may cut several snapshots / versions of the repository. At some point the version major gets in to the hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands and it just becomes cumbersome to deal with as well as ugly to look at.

Or, is there a different way / workflow I should be using with controlling releases of updated packages in the repos?

Hey @JonnyWhatshisface,

Thanks for bringing up this issue.
To better handle this request, I have opened 2 Redmine issues to track this.