Content View Export of Puppet Modules?

Problem: Unable to use hammer to export a content view containing only puppet modules

Expected outcome: For the export to create the tarball as it does with yumrepos.

Foreman and Proxy versions: 1.20.1 / Katello 3.10

Other relevant data:
I have a Puppet_Modules repository pointing at some shared storage that contains the output of the pulp-puppet-module-builder script. The repo syncs fine, and I’ve created a content-view (again called Puppet_Modules) that contains this repository and all works fine.

I now want to export this content view version to use on another disconnected foreman instance. Reading through the guide on , I ran the following:

hammer content-view version export --id 25 --export-dir /some/path/

Hammer then returns the following:

tar: Cowardly refusing to create an empty archive

I can’t see anywhere in the documentation that suggests only yum repositories work with this import. Am I missing something to get this work or is the documentation not too clear on what’s possible?

Thanks in advance


@Chris_Duryee Any ideas around this?

@forza_mehlano thanks for reporting this issue. I created Bug #26047: exporting a CV with only puppet modules raises a tar error - Katello - Foreman which requests a fix plus a docs update.

Only yum content is currently supported for import/export in 3.10 and 3.11.

Thanks for the clarification!

Do you know of any plans to include other content types in the export/import process? I’d quite like to manage all content types in as standard a way as possible.

I’m not aware of any immediate plans for new types. Do you mostly use just yum and puppet, or do you use other types as well?

We use just yum and puppet at the moment so those are our priorities…