Content view publish is not working

Content view publish is not working
Expected outcome:
Publish should work as normal
Foreman and Proxy versions:
Distribution and version:
RHEL 7.7
Other relevant data:
When I run the playbook, I am able to see the composite view there but it is not published. How can I auto-publish once the composite view is created? This is the code I tried

    - name: "Create a composite content view"
        username: "admin"
        password: "admin123"
        server_url: "https:/myhost"
        name: "CCV"
        organization: "Test Organization"
        composite: true
        auto_publish: true
          - content_view: "MyCV"
            latest: true

Any help will be appreciated

@evgeni @iballou @Marek_Hulan any thoughts on this?

Use the theforeman.foreman.content_view_version module to do publishes/promotes.

autopublish: true only affects when the components change, which, on a fresh creation, doesn’t happen.

Thanks for the reply. Let me try that

That worked. Thanks @evgeni . Much appreciated