Content View version in Pulp 3

Problem: I am wondering if there is still a direct link to a Content View version after migration to Pulp 3. I have setup already a new system and I can not see the links there and on some migrated system I only see the direct links for those versions published before migration. So now I am wondering if this is correct behaviour or if something is missing.

Just an excerpt from /pulp/content/ from my own demo system, so you can see which links I mean:

I do not think we need this links for a productive use, but I found them quite useful for looking up things / debugging.

So if someone cloud enlighten me I would be happy!

Hi @Dirk,

I’m seeing my content view version links at /pulp/content on Katello What version of Katello are you on?

Also, are you seeing any links there for your new system? Perhaps only the links to your non-content-view-related repositories?

I was wondering on a customers system with 3.18.3 and my own demo system with 4.0.1. There I have only seen links for versions existing before migration and the links to repositories in the Library and lifecycle environments.

New system was a forklifted box with 4.1 and there are on links to repositories in the Library and lifecycle environments.

Hi @Dirk,

I see what you mean now. The links to the archived content view version repositories (1.0, 2.0, etc) have been missing since we switched to Pulp 3. I’ve made an issue to put them back: Bug #32846: Archived content view version repositories are no longer hosted at /pulp/content - Katello - Foreman