Core Maintainers meeting notes 2022-02-09

Foreman core Maintainers meeting on 2022-02-09

This was long overdue, we shall start posting notes for the Maintainers call as it affects the project quite a lot and it might be useful for the community to see what we’ve discussed.

People present: @ezr-ondrej (chair), @MariaAga, @lzap, @evgeni, @Shimon_Shtein, @Ron_Lavi, @amirfefer, @Marek_Hulan


  • Only candidate #9081 rejected

Headline features

  • None

PR discussions and ownership

  • Allow skipping puppet explicitly #9086
    • This is technically possible ATM, asking the contributor for their use-case
  • Adding hooks to templates #9087
    • We should have an RFC first to figure out a better naming and do it for all templates
    • the general concept is a good idea though
  • BMC power signals are incorrect #9082
    • @lzap will try to get the contributor on the right track
    • We don’t want to push contributor to redesign, but improve the current state through bit of design improvements might be beneficial
  • Ubuntu automated installs
    • Needs a proper design in the future
    • Ubuntu will bring back PXE files, but those will be missing from 2 Ubuntu releases
    • First take should get in 3.2 if possible #9076
    • @ezr-ondrej will review the initial work, which should cover main usecase, but will not all to move quick
  • Taxonomy title not saved to DB preventing a swich of Taxonomies
    • @Ron_Lavi will review fix #9100 aiming to get it into 3.2 and also CP into 3.1-stable and 3.0-stable
  • CentOS Stream 8 vs CentOS Linux 8 name nightly issue
    • Partial revert #9096 vs fixing the nightly failures #9098
    • Partial revert is bit of a big change given its a manual revert and if possible we should try to remediate the issues
    • The rename is not well tested and in both cases we need to be careful
    • @evgeni shared concerns some places are relying on if Centos conditions and would thus stop working for CentOS Stream with 3.2 foreman causing another issues cause by the rename
      • @lzap will try to look for such places over our codebase
    • @ezr-ondrej will test that the migration works and resolves a Puppet reporter issue migrating from Foreman 3.1 to 3.2
    • Generally we would like to keep the changes minimal ATM and thus go with the fix if it works
    • We can revert if the migration is not enough and we would not manage to fix the issues on time
    • @Marek_Hulan mentioned we can also revert post branching if we discover major issues after we branch