Could not find the following content units error on removing repository content


Error received when attempting to remove packages from a repository:

Error message: the server returns an error
HTTP status code: 400
Response headers: {“date”=>“Thu, 13 Jun 2024 18:33:12 GMT”, “server”=>“gunicorn”, “content-type”=>“application/json”, “vary”=>“Accept,Cookie”, “allow”=>“POST, OPTIONS”, “x-frame-options”=>“DENY”, “content-length”=>“148”, “x-content-type-options”=>“nosniff”, “referrer-policy”=>“same-origin”, “cross-origin-opener-policy”=>“same-origin”, “correlation-id”=>“01111401-2669-4b97-b5b5-f2f37e971668”, “access-control-expose-headers”=>“Correlation-ID”, “via”=>“1.1”, “connection”=>“close”}
Response body: {“remove_content_units”:[“Could not find the following content units: [‘/pulp/api/v3/content/deb/packages/018ff38a-f9b7-7394-b9e4-4a956aaf32f3/’]”]}

Expected outcome:

Packages are removed from the repository.

Foreman and Proxy versions:


Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

foreman-tasks 9.0.0
foreman_openscap 7.1.1
foreman_remote_execution 12.0.2
katello 4.11.0

Distribution and version:

Not sure how to find this.

Other relevant data:

Started happening after foreman appeared to hang during the initial remove package attempt. All attempts to remove the same packages still appearing in the repo (~/products/:product_id/repositories/:repository_id/content/debs) produce the error above.