Could Someone Give me Advice on Implementing Foreman in a Multi-Cloud Environment?

Hello there,

I am tasked with implementing Foreman in our organization’s infrastructure to manage a multi cloud environment efficiently. While I have a basic understanding of Foreman’s capabilities; I am seeking insights from those who have hands on experience or expertise in deploying and managing Foreman in similar setups.

To provide some context; our organization operates across multiple cloud providers; including aws devops; Azure; and GCP. We aim to utilize Foreman as a centralized platform for provisioning; configuration management; and monitoring across these diverse cloud environments.

What are the best practices for integrating Foreman with different cloud providers? Are there any challenges or considerations I should be aware of?

How does Foreman perform in environments with a large number of hosts across multiple clouds? Are there any performance tuning tips or scalability considerations I should keep in mind?

What are the recommended security practices for securing Foreman deployments in a multi-cloud setup? How can we ensure compliance with industry regulations across various cloud environments?

Are there any recommended tools or plugins for automating tasks and orchestrating workflows within Foreman, particularly in a multi-cloud context?

Have you or your organization implemented Foreman in a similar multi-cloud environment? If so; I would love to hear about your experiences; challenges faced; and any lessons learned along the way.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.