Create job template with default search query

I am trying to create a job template with default search query.
I didn’t see how to do it.
is there a possibility to add it ?

Thanks in advanced,

The host search query isn’t actually a template input, so I’m afraid there’s no way to set a default.

What are you trying to accomplish?

I am trying create default template with all the details inside.
Sometimes I need to run pipelines, it can assist me to have default template

This is currently not possible as far as I know. If you run a specific job on a patricular group of hosts, you can define such group as either a hostgroup or save such search as a bookmark and use the selector above. If you run that repeatedly, you can setup the recurring execution, which would always reuse the same target. But for randomly triggered jobs, there’s no way to set the default value for the target. That would be though relatively simple feature to add I think.

Hi Marek,
Unfortunately is randomly triggered jobs on specific hosts.
It will assist for my team to run very quick pipelines. ( just click run on template and submit and that’s it will run)
In order to add this develop in the near feature we have any place in the forum for requests ?? :slight_smile:


The official issue tracker is at however here you have the best chance to attract devs :slight_smile: would you be interested in writing the patch yourself?

Hi ,
I would have love to but I don’t know how to code.:slightly_smiling_face:
I will open request hope someone will do it.
Anyway thanks