Creating Asynchronous new host with Foreman API

We are trying to integrate ServiceNow API with Foreman API to make automatic host build
the curl POST is working and host is created but ServiceNow gets ‘timeout’ but host creating continues.
is there any workaround to post and get a response without waiting for foreman to respond?
Host build takes approx. 15-30 min. and ServiceNow guys tells its not good when a HTTP post is open for such long time.

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman 1.20
API v2

We are aware that sometimes provisioning does this, usually when you are creating a VM or cloud instance via finish script. No workaround at the moment, just use seed data (user data template) instead of finish script and that should do it. Bare-metal is fine usually.

thanks for answer :slight_smile:

To elaborate that, when using finish script, Foreman waits until SSH port is answering and then connects to the machine to execute the script. This is one of the blocking workflows. You can avoid it by not using finish scripts.

There might be other plugins adding more orchestration steps which are blocking, but I am not aware of any out of my head.

got it :slight_smile: