Current Foreman ready for Puppet 7?


see thread title, is the current Foreman ready for Puppet 7? Strange thing is i didnt even find any thread oder something about this. Even the foreman quick installation guide still uses puppet 6.
I already upgraded twice from 4 to 5 and 5 to 6 thanks to community support here, but didnt saw any topic about puppet 7 here.


Topic is here: Puppet 7 support

Thanks, but any migration steps?

Same as puppet6?: Puppet 6 Supported in Foreman 1.22? - #7 by tato

My current goal is to have it even easier:

That said, I’ll also try to get Debian support merged:

Looks good, so we only need to upgrade the puppet package und run foreman-installer, very nice.

So this means Puppet 7 is supported in next Version of Foreman, 2.6.0? I am waiting then… ; )

Just to confirm, yes it should be supported in the next release, which is 3.0. Credit goes to @ekohl

Ok seems 3.0 is supporting Puppet 7 now, thanks.

The installation manual still points to Puppet 6 for default, is this intended? Foreman :: Manual

Not really intended, more of an oversight. A pull request to would be more than welcome. In particular it’s in _includes/manuals.