Custom facts replication to smart hosts


I could manage to write custom facts and they are working fine on all hosts which are reporting to foreman master. But it seems that the custom facs are not replicated to the smart proxies by default.

I hope someone can tell me what is needed to sync facts to the smart proxies?

thank you!


Replicated facts? What’s that?

I mean, when I create a file in customfacts/lib/facter/xxx.rb how can it be synced to the smart proxies?

Hmmm probably @ekohl knows the answer, I think we do not carry any mechanism to do that so if Puppet does not do that than you need to do this yourself.

Normally you would carry a Puppet module that has the facts and deploy the Puppet module on the smart proxy. There is no mechanism in Foreman to manage your Puppet environments so that’s up to you.