Custom ISO install using Foreman PXE Boot

Problem: I am using a Custom ISO which already have Partitions installed. So I don’t need to use template to partition my disk. How to do it.

Expected outcome: I need to install Custom OS without any template . How can I do it using Foreman.

Foreman and Proxy versions: Foreman 1.23

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

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Custom ISO? What ISO? What’s that? ISO with partition installed does not seem right to me. Elaborate.

An you know the ISO is the archive format for the data contents of an optical disc. My ISO already has kickstart configuration file which has the instructions for partitions and all other stuff.

I want to automate installation with Foreman of that ISO for network and other configuration. So i does not require to use Partition template from foreman in my case. How would i do it using foreman.

or as i am new to Foreman so please guide me what process i need to follow.

To further elaborate i just want to boot my Client machine with ISO and my ISO will do all the stuff .

except network configuration which i will get from my working Foreman Server.

I don’t know what on Earth are you trying to do, sorry. But in general:

Foreman is a tool that helps you manage PXE, DHCP, DNS and generation of kickstart. You’ve done the kickstart and since you have an ISO you don’t need PXE as well.