Custom Partion table error


I am able to provision the hosts in expected way but when I define custom partition(disk layout) host provisioning getting failed with the below error and I am defining the partitions in the following…can you please let me know what I am missing

Kickstart command zerombr does not take any arguments.

Defined partition table like below:

#Dynamic - this line tells Foreman this is a script rather then a static layout
#This snippets define the swap partition size, it would generate a partition twice the size of the memory if your physical memory is up to 2GB
#or will create a swap partition with your memory size + 2GB.

#get the actual memory installed on the system and divide by 1024 to get it in MB
act_mem=$((`grep MemTotal: /proc/meminfo | sed 's/^MemTotal: *//'|sed 's/ .*//'` / 1024))

#check if the memory is less than 2GB then swap is double the memory else it is memory plus 2 GB
if [ "$act_mem" -gt 2048 ]; then
    vir_mem=$(($act_mem + 2048))
    vir_mem=$(($act_mem * 2))

#copy all the HDD partitions to the temp file for execution
cat <<EOF > /tmp/diskpart.cfg
zerombr yes
clearpart --all --initlabel
part swap --size "$vir_mem" 
part /boot --fstype xfs --size 100 --asprimary
part / --fstype xfs --size 1024 --grow
part /var --fstype xfs --size 1024 --grow

looking at an example, there is zerombr, not zerombr yes. I would try to change that to see if it helps. Seems like the variant you have has been deprecated on el5.

On the same note, it’s not practical on todays servers to do swap as twice of amount of RAM anymore.

Here is a bit from Anaconda installer:

    474     if mem < 2048:
    475         swap = 2 * mem
    477     elif 2048 <= mem < 8192:
    478         swap = mem
    480     elif 8192 <= mem < 65536:
    481         swap = mem / 2
    483     else:
    484         swap = 4096

If you going to implement this caluculation in shell, please contribute your template I’d be interested.