Database password doesn't work

I’m not sure if this issue is caused by Foreman itself or maybe database.
This is my database.yml:
### File managed with puppet ###
## Module: ‘foreman’

# Database is managed by foreman::database::postgresql
  adapter: postgresql
  port: 5432
  database: foremandb
  username: admin
  password: "abc123"
  pool: 5

Error which I have trying to get to foreman is:
**Oops, we're sorry but something went wrong** FATAL: password authentication failed for user "admin" FATAL: password authentication failed for user "admin"

When I try to get to the same database with command:
psql -h -U admin foremandb
it works perfectly fine. Of course, I’m using the same password “abc123” from the database.yml file.

I tried to restart database, reload config, web browser cache clear and nothing help.
So, after one day I tried to login and finally it works.