Deb RC4 releasing now

Hi all,

Apologies for the delays in the RC series - the holiday season took up
far too much time :slight_smile:

Foreman 1.1 RC4 is building now and will hit the repos in the next
hour. In addition to the usual bug fixes and so on, there's also a
change to the packaging - the debs no longer call out to during the install process! The main foreman
package now contains a local cache of the required gems, meaning all
the packages are properly standalone.

This means that you will need to perform a dist-upgrade rather than a
normal upgrade, as the packages are now arch-dependant. You'll also
notice "ruby-bundler" being replaced by "bundler" as is correct for
gem debs with binaries in. That should happen smoothly though.

As usual, report any issues, and thanks for testing the RCs :slight_smile: