Debian Buster host fact upload putting filling in description incorrect

When a new host uploads their facts it will upload the OS and will automatically created a new OS in Foreman if it does not exist.
This has traditionally been
Major Version: ${os.distro.release.major}
Minor Version: ${os.distro.release.minor}
Description: “${os.distro.codename} ${os.distro.release.major}.${os.distro.release.minor}”
However for buster hosts it puts the description as: “${os.distro.codename} ${os.distro.release.major}”
But the facts host upload will get an error 500, and will no configure the host properly

/etc/puppetlabs/puppet $ ./node.rb $hostname
During the fact upload the server responded with: 500 Internal Server Error. Error is ignored and the execution continues.
“error”: {“message”:“Validation failed: Description has already been taken, Title has already been taken”}

Expected outcome:
Expect when a new buster minor version host registers first time into puppet it will create new OS version on foreman in format of example Debian 10.6

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:
Debian buster(10) hosts are impacted, non buster seems to be fine, but foreman is running on Debian stretch (9.12)

Other relevant data:
I cant seem to find if there an existing bugfix/bug for this, tried to look

Apologies, think I just found the bugfix in I awas on 1.24.2-1, the fix is in 1.24.3

Can close this