Debian CI Jobs

I have started working on tackling automatic builds on PR merge for our Debian builds. I am trying that work against a milestone, so folks can see PRs that are related and need review: Automatic Debian builds on Pull Request merge Milestone · GitHub

My general tactic of approach is to:

  1. Consolidate scripts
  2. Create new pipeline based job for PR test
  3. Create new pipeline based job for PR merge

If anyone knows, one thing I don’t fully understand is the layout in the Debian branch. There are three different groupings of packages with slightly different layouts:

  • Core packages: debian/${os}/${project}
  • Dependencies: dependencies/${os}/${project}
  • Plugins: plugins/${project}

The plugins seem to be the odd one of the bunch.


This work has completed. We now have automatic builds of Debian packages when packaging changes are merged. The PR testing for Debian, and nightly build jobs have been modified to all use the same Jenkins pipeline based code paths and the older script based jobs removed.