Debian content sync problems with smart-proxy

Dear Foreman Community,

I am new to foreman. What I needed to do is manage debian content and centos 7 content and use a smart-proxy server from where client machine will get content according to there need.
Debian client will get all debian packages (base,updates,security)
centos client will get all centos packages (base,updates,security)

When I synchronize my smart-proxy with foreman . Only centos content get synched and i get
a 400 error for debian content. I also tried to sync epel repository but same error with pulp

But when I directly register a client vm (debian) to foreman without any smart-proxy then client vm is able to get debian packages without any issue.
I am little bit confused here. There seems some problem with smart-proxy but i unable to find any solid reasons. Anyone facing same issues?
BTW i have tried the same on foreman - katello (nightly)
foreman - katello [2.5, 4.1]
foreman - katello [2.4,4.0]

Also as I am new to foreman can anyone suggest me how to understand it better. How it works behind the scene for all the operations.

apologies for any type errors or mistake.


Hi @vibhu004,

Your problem looks like what is described in this post: Katello 3.18 > Debian packages are not fully synchronized on smart proxy

Basically, debian packages are not properly synchronized on the smart proxy.

In my case, this concerns version 3.18 but there would be the same behavior on version 4.1.

More explanation in the post cited above. Developers are working on this

The other important question is whether you are using Pulp 2 or Pulp 3 on the smart proxy?

The thread linked by @kobena identifies a problem when the smart proxy uses Pulp 2 and Katello uses Pulp 3. If you are having a problem where both smart proxy and Katello are using Pulp 3 then that might be a different problem.

I have checked and found that both smart proxy and Katello are using Pulp 3