Debian errata on our Foreman/Katello installation

When we will enable to implement support for Debian errata on our Foreman/Katello installation?


Not any time soon it seems. If you are looking at solution for that right now, you can look at which is an older version of foreman+katello, but comes with Ubuntu support out the box.

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Thanks on the update.
What about this project is not relevant?

Also what about ATIX team they are not working on this feature ?

Yes, its ATIX has been contributing that feature. It is fully working on Katello 3.18 iirc once you setup everything. However, it is not yet been completed for Katello 4.x as that included major changes mongodb->postgresql and pulp2->pulp3. I’ve not seen much movement on it in recent time.

@m-bucher has been working on this: Github PR: “Fixes #25978 - Debian Errata support” for Katello.

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Hi @maximilian,
I think the link you attached is from 2019, has there been any updates since?

Is there a way to get ahead with the development of Errata on Ubuntu/Debian? maybe on the forum we have request page for developments of features

Looks like Orcharhino has v6.0, which is based on Katello 4.1.

Here hope that they might upstream some of their work for apt errata.


It’s already happening, in the PR maximilian mentioned 2 posts up there :slight_smile:

Yes, I’ve seen the PR. I also see that it was started in 2019, has merge conflict, and is sluggish. Don’t get me wrong, very much appropriate the work of people involved, and the challenges of getting changes into the different components.

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I see.
Is there still a way to push it forward?
if yes, how?