Debian Package filters

Is there any way to filter deb packages (on specific version) in a repo in the same way as it is possible in the yum repos?

(don’t see any menu options in GUI for it but perhaps someone knows if it’s possible via some api)

Looks like debian package filters aren’t implemented yet in Katello (see katello/content_view_filter.rb at 0eb319f230015223e83caf41035c5c80ac5a61bd · Katello/katello · GitHub). Contributions are always welcome :slight_smile:

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Hi @ackowa

We are currently working on both the Debian Filters and Debian Version compare feature. Have a look at @MSinghal’s presentation on the Foreman Community Demo and her open PR against Katello for pulp2.

We are also in the process of open sourcing a PostgreSQL Extention to compare deb versions. I will keep you up to date on our progress.