Debian / Ubuntu main/deb-installer and main/installer-amd64 components are not synced

Foreman 2.3.3

We are trying to use Content → Products deb repos for Ubuntu (bionic, focal) and Debian (buster). We are able to add them and use them but not for provisioning as they are not synced properly with Upstream URL. For all deb repos we are missing:

  • main/deb-installer
  • main/installer-amd64

and even when we specify exactly components like that:
main,main/deb-installer,main/installer-amd64,restricted,universe,multiverse these two are not Published At:

During the sync, there is no errors or warnings. Everything seems to be fine.

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Synchronizing and publishing Ubuntu/Debian installer components is not currently supported within Katello. We have this functionality on our internal roadmap, but I cannot yet give a time frame.

For now it is only possible to use public mirrors as installation media. Once the host is deployed, it can receive all it’s content from Katello.


Hello obol89

I’m running Katello 4.0.0-1 but still can’t sync Debian 10 repositories:

Below what i’m using to configure Debian 10 repositories:

  • Debian 10 main:

    • URL:
    • Releases: buster
    • Component: main
    • Architecture: amd64
  • Debian 10 security:

    • URL:
    • Releases: buster/updates
    • Component: main
    • Architecture: amd64
  • Debian 10 updates:

    • URL:
    • Releases: buster-updates
    • Component: main
    • Architecture: amd64

Can you share your Debian 10 repositories configuration on Forman

Thanks for your help

I am just going to answer with a link to my answer on the other thread you posted to: Subscription Manager for Debian & Ubuntu on - #32 by quba42

Hello quba42,

Just checking to verify if Katello 4.2 and foreman 3.0 can now sync the main/deb-installer,main/installer-amd64?

The current state of Pulp 3 deb content in Katello only supports synchronization of binary packages, not installer files. It should be possible to sync arbitrary binary repos, filter them by distribution (release), component, and architectures, and also to upload individual binary packages to a repository.

One known issue, is that synchronizing deb content from a Foreman/Katello server running Pulp 3, to a Smart Proxy running Pulp 2 or Pulp 3 is currently broken.

There is a open PR for fixing Pulp 3 to Pulp 3 smart proxy syncs:

Once that makes it into a Katello release, Pulp 3 based deb content will largely match the feature set previously provided by Pulp 2 based deb content. Synchronizing installer files as well, is on our long term roadmap, but not attached to any clear target date. (The underlying pulp_deb plugin includes limited support for synchronizing and publishing installer files).

Thanks for the reply. Yes, the underlying pulp_deb has the functionality “sync_installer”: true,

 # Create installer file index
        release_base_path = os.path.dirname(release_file.relative_path)
        installer_file_index_dir = os.path.join(

But as you stated its on the Katello LT roadmap, I just wanted to know if it was possible to use the functionality in Foreman version 3.0 and Katello 4.2. But it’s not currently.