Deep Dive - Foreman Ansible Modules collection

@evgeni will run a Deep Dive on how to contribute to the popular Foreman Ansible Modules collection. If you’d like to contirbute to this great project, you’re most welcome to join. It’s highly recommended to go though the following materials prior the deep dive:

Please join through this google meet link few minutes ahead of the event.

We’re looking forward to see you there!


Will this be recorded?
I have a physical meeting just then…

Yes, if all goes well, it should be added to our youtube channel afterwards. I’m sure questions can be answered later in our matrix room too.


That’s awesome Marek, looking for wars to the event.

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Just a reminder, this is already tomorrow. Looking forward to see everyone. @evgeni any more details on the scope of the tomorrow session?

my slides are at Deep Dive: Foreman Ansible Modules

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Thank you, Evgeni, for the insightful deep dive session on the Foreman Ansible Modules collection!
For those who missed the session, it is now available on YouTube.