Deep dive: foreman_rh_cloud plugin

Tomorrow @Shimon_Shtein will give a deep dive into the GitHub - theforeman/foreman_rh_cloud: a plugin to Foreman that generates and uploads reports to the Red Hat cloud plugin.

This session is open to all but the plugin itself is only useful to those who have Red Hat Smart Management (I think) subscriptions.

Link to the session:

The meeting will be recorded so if it’s outside of your TZ and you’re interested, do not worry :slight_smile:



  • What is foreman-rh-cloud
  • Two parts of the plugin
    • Uploader
    • Insights


  • How to make it work - switch at the manifest uploader page
  • Scheduled run
  • Manual run
  • Download report option
  • The id tag.


  • General idea of recommendations
  • Insights-client
  • How to set it up - the API token
  • Recommendations on hosts index page
  • Recommendation details on host details page
  • Remediation button
  • Remediations selection and REX invocation


  • Host inventory status
  • Host insights status
  • Sync Tasks
    • Inventory status sync task
    • Recommendations sync task
  • Jobs
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Feel free to write here or to ping me on IRC if you have questions you would like me to answer or a topic I should cover during the deep dive.

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If you’re interested, you can rewatch here: